Genoa – Two other Plantains for the Aquascola Park and a third in the finish line. The positive responses to the subscription “Put a Tree at the Squid” launched from the XIX Century on its 130th anniversary, to involve the Genoese in the purchase of the missing 20 trees to complete the park’s resettlement.

Yesterday, Emanuele Remondini, chairman of Star – Marcevaggi Logistic Group (a logistics and transportation company based in Genoa), told us that his company will participate in the initiative cwith the purchase of two plane planes. The GenovApiedi association has also mobilized to join the initiative with the goal of collecting the 700 euros needed to buy a tree. President and Vice President of GenovApiedi have already committed themselves to making a donation and invite all members to do the same. If the target is reached, the new trees arriving at Ascona climb to 8, as 3 have already been booked by Saponificio Gianasso of Campomorone, one from Tigullio Latte in Rapallo and one from the former director of the XIX Century, Alessandro Cassinis.

If memberships will proceed at the pace of these first days (the subscription was launched last Wednesday), it will soon be possible to reach the target of 20 trees.