Let’s republish the historic letter from the Marcevaggi Administration for the 50 years of activity (1984):

Dear friends,

“25 years of our Company’s life are being done today …”, so the letter began to be signed
Of the founder of Marcevaggi Soc. Acc. Sempl. – Mario Remondini, printed on the 10th
February 1959 on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the founding of the Society.

Today we are doing the 50th and again “without indulging in sentimentality and pleading
Out of place, we feel we can not let this date pass, without stopping it
For a moment the pace of work, to dwell together all together, the early ones
And those of the last hour, in a brief synthesis of the events that have taken place together and of the journey
Path “.1 S.p.A.