The company acts as the Group’s forwarding agent through a Business Unit dedicated to customers in the chemical industry. We are seeking to extend the European land logistics service, offered by our subsidiary Star Chemical Logistic, to maritime shipments by box or ISO tank, with a particular focus on the Mediterranean area.


Milan, Genoa, Venice, Naples, Marseilles, Essen, Brzeg Dolny, Bucharest, Istanbul, Ljubljana, Zagreb.


Rotterdam, St. Petersburg, Helsinki, Manchester, Barcelona, Le Havre, Rades, Casablanca, Malta, Haifa, Alexandria, Algiers, Limassol, Piraeus, Beirut.



Daniel Bozzano
Commercial Shipping Chemicals Manager

Tel. +39 010 09 92 331
Mobile. +39 349 76 90 819
Fax. +39 010 09 92 343