Liquid & Dry Bulk

In 2000 Star was born out of the chemical logistics arm of Marcevaggi, with the aim of creating a separate unit specialising in bulk.

Through its affiliates in Northern and Central Europe, it serves the primary European chemicals industry, offering road and intermodal transport.

The past decade has greatly developed the ecological sector for tank container and open top transports of special waste for cross-border disposal.

The Star Group has a fleet of over 1000 units, comprising truck cabs, articulated trailers, tank containers, swap bodies and open tops.

The company is strongly focused on intermodal freight: it has shareholdings in major European rail carriers (Hupac, Cemat, Kombiverkher) and has designed cutting-edge equipment to shift goods from road to rail.

The main focus is on the EU’s international transport corridors: North-South (intermodal) and North-East (by road).

Shipping Logistics

A Group company dedicated to maritime container logistics, and historically active in two specific areas:

  • maritime shipping of chemicals, with a particular focus on the Mediterranean;
  • transport, storage and maintenance of sea containers, serving the major freight forwarders and shipping companies to and from Tyrrhenian Sea ports.

The company has the benefits of the Group’s expertise in handling dangerous goods and our long history in Genoese shipping.

From 2004 it has been based at the VTE Terminal at Genova Voltri, focusing on the North-West throught the two inland container terminals al Locate di triulzi (milan) and Carmagnola (Turin).



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